The FREE Adaptive Signal Processing Toolbox for Matlab

FREE-ASPT v2.1 Package Description

FREE-ASPT is a free-of-charge version of the Adaptive Signal Processing Toolbox. FREE-ASPT is available in Matlab p-files format, and as a dynamic link library for C/C++ applications for Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms. The C/C++ library is supported for Gnu C Compiler (GCC) on all platforms, in addition to Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows platforms. This free version includes the most commonly used adaptive filters. The package includes many popular transversal and linear combiner adaptive filters such as NLMS, RLS, and BFDAF, lattice adaptive filters such as LMS-LATTICE and RLS-LATTICE, and active noise and vibration control filters such as FILTERED-X-LMS and ADJOINT-LMS.

In addition to serving as a demo version for the corresponding commercial libraries, We believe that FREE-ASPT is an excellent tool for learning the basic concepts of adaptive systems in a real-time development environment at no cost. Although the filters in this free package are limited in their number of coefficients (maximum of 32 coef. for FIR filters and 10 coef. for lattice and IIR filters), the package proved to be sufficient for its purpose. FREE-ASPT is however provided free-of-charge for non-commercial use only. For commercial applications, you must purchase one of the commercial licenses.

FREE-ASPT Package Contents

The following table lists the contents of the FREE-ASPT-2.1 package. Please refer to the corresponding ASPT documentation for more in detail information on each filter. The XXX in the table for the C-ASPT type name refers to the data type, for instance asptAdjlms32f, refers to the specific adjoint LMS filter implementation using single precision floating point arithmetic.

Filter type C-ASPT Type Matlab Functions
Block Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter asptBfdafXXX asptbfdaf / init_bfdaf
Block LMS, sign-error, sign-regressor, and sign-sign asptBlmsXXX asptblms / init_blms
Block Normalized LMS asptBnlmsXXX asptbnlms / init_bnlms
LMS, sign-error, sign-regressor, and sign-sign asptLmsXXX asptlms / init_lms
Normalized LMS asptNlmsXXX asptnlms / init_nlms
Partitioned Block Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter asptPbfdafXXX asptpbfdaf / init_pbfdaf
Recursive Least Squares (RLS) asptRlsXXX asptrls / init_rls
Transform domain LMS asptTdlmsXXX aspttdlms / init_tdlms
LMS Lattice Joint Process Estimator asptLmslatticeXXX asptlmslattice / init_lmslattice
LMS Lattice Backward Prediction Error Filter asptLbpefXXX asptlbpef / init_lbpef
LMS Lattice Forward Prediction Error Filter asptLfpefXXX asptlfpef / init_lfpef
RLS Lattice joint process estimator asptRlslatticeXXX asptrlslattice / init_rlslattice
RLS Lattice Backward Prediction Error Filter asptRlslbpefXXX asptrlslbpef / init_rlslbpef
RLS Lattice Forward Prediction Error Filter asptRlslfpefXXX asptrlslfpef / init_rlslfpef
Adjoint Least Mean Squares asptAdjlmsXXX asptadjlms / init_adjlms
Filtered-x Least Mean Squares asptFxlmsXXX asptfxlms / init_fxlms

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