The Vocal Enhancer increases speech intelligibility, extends and restores sparkling vocal frequencies that might have been lost due to audio compression, zooms into the voice's spectral contents details, and brings voices and dialogs to the front of the audio scene.


The sample audio files below demonstrate the Vocal Enhancer's effect. The audio signal at the top is the original (input) before processing through the Vocal Enhancer. The sample at the bottom is the processed (output) enhanced signal. The images show the spectral contents of the audio signals. Click on the images for larger view.

input signal

Input Signal

Output signal

Output signal


To closely examine the Vocal Enhancer effect on your own recordings, please download the Vocal Enhancer demonstrator. This simple command-line Windows application reads an audio wav file, processes that file through the Vocal Enhancer algorithm, and writes the result to another wav file. For instance if you have a recorded speech signal named "InputSpeech.wav" and would like to process it through the vocal enhancer, you may give the following command at the command line prompt

VocalEnhancer.exe InputSpeech.wav VocalEnhancerOutput.wav

Please note that only uncompressed PCM wav format is supported. If you have a recorded file in any other audio formats, including ADPCM wav or any other encoded or compressed wav file you will need to convert it to PCM first using any available audio file editor. Simply open the recording in the audio file editor of your choice and select "File->Save As" and then select PCM wav format.

For more information on the Vocal Enhancer algorithm we appreciate taking the time to contact us.