ASPT for Matlab [M-ASPT]

The Adaptive Signal Processing Toolbox for Matlab (M-ASPT)

ASPT for Matlab Package Description

The Adaptive Signal Processing Toolbox for Matlab (M-ASPT for short) is a collection of adaptive filters algorithms to be used within the Matlab development environment (Matlab is a trade mark of the MathWorks Inc.). ASPT for Matlab is a self-containing package, unlike other packages that are built on top of the signal processing toolbox, you do not need any other toolboxes to run ASPT. ASPT uses only basic Matlab linear algebra routines and internally implements all needed functionality.

M-ASPT for Matlab includes most commonly used adaptive filters structures. Transversal filters are supported in Finite Impulse Response as well as Linear Combiner configurations, the latter being important in applications such as adaptive arrays. M-ASPT also supports recursive, lattice, and non-linear adaptive filters in addition to single-channel and multi-channel active noise and vibration control filters. Time domain as well as frequency domain adaptive filters are included. Time domain filters are supported in sample per sample as well as block processing.

M-ASPT also comes with numerous source code examples demonstrating the use of M-ASPT routines in adaptive systems applications such as echo cancellers, single-channel and multi-channel active noise and vibration control, beam forming, channel equalization, adaptive line enhancers, system identification, noise reduction, and linear prediction. A rich set of functions for analyzing the performance of the common adaptive filters configurations are also included. Real world application examples that process real world signals and their associated audio samples are also provided. All M-ASPT functions including filter routines, helper functions, application examples, and analysis routines are clearly documented in an easy to understand educative language. The M-ASPT user manual also includes an introductory chapter on adaptive filters and their applications for those who are making their first steps into the world of adaptive signal processing.

ASPT for Matlab Licenses

M-ASPT is currently available in several forms priced to suit every need. Commercial M-ASPT licenses are available in COMPILED and in SOURCE CODE packages. The source code package includes the full compiled package plus the source code of all the adaptive algorithms (source code of initialization functions are not supplied). The compiled packages are suitable for simulation of adaptive applications, comparison of the performance of different algorithms in a specific application, and very useful in teaching adaptive filters classes and preparing lab experiments and exercises. If you need to modify the algorithms, or you need to access the source code for porting one or more adaptive algorithm to a specific platform, you probably will need to purchase the source code package. It is also possible to extend your compiled license with the source code at a later stage. For real-time application development, refer to the C-ASPT package.

The M-ASPT End User License allows you to use the software on a single or multiple computers. The number of simultaneous users accessing the software at any time must be less than or equal to the number of licenses purchased. The license does not allow you to automatically compile M-ASPT functions to applications that will be distributed to third parties who do not have the M-ASPT package, but allows you to port M-ASPT functions by hand to any DSP platform.

Refer to the ASPT for Matlab Price List or contact us for more information on purchasing ASPT.