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Designed specifically to efficiently run our multichannel conferencing algorithms, the OCEAN-BF592 hardware platform provides the most cost effective complete solution today on the market. The OCEAN-BF592 has the same quality as the OCEAN-ADSP21489 but is targeting applications with lower numbers of transducers and lower price tag without any compromise on audio quality.

The OCEAN-BF592 firmware is stored on the non-volatile memory and protected from copying and tampering using the memory chip hardware IP protection features. Once powered, the processor loads the software from non-volatile flash and starts running the application in a fraction of a second, no microcontroller is needed to boot the system. This makes the OCEAN-BF592 a complete conferencing appliance ready to connect and use in a live audio or video conference. It is also easy to use as an audio front-end processor in a larger conferencing system.



Dimensions 40 mm x 40 mm
ProcessorAnalog Devices Blackfin BF592, low power 200/400 MHz, 68KB L1 Memory, L1 ROM, 16-bit, 32-bit fixed-point digital signal processor.
Flash MemoryWinbond W25X40CL, 4MBit SPI flash memory with IP protection support.
Power Supply InputUnregulated 5v DC through 2-pin 0.1" header or micro USB connector. All regulated supply voltages are generated on board.
SPI Header8-pin male 0.1" header for programming the flash memory and communicating with the processor (SPI commands).
Analog Inputs4 differential or single ended input channels brought out on 0.1" header.
Analog Outputs2 single ended output channels brought out on 0.1" headers.
Analog to Digital Converter AK5703EN , 24-bit, 96 dB S/N, 100 dB Interchannel Isolation.
Digital to Analog Converter AK4420ET , 24-bit, 105 dB dynamic range, -92 dB THD+N, 100 dB Interchannel Isolation.
User Interface2 push-buttons and 2 LEDs.



The OCEAN-BF592 can be used without any modifications in many applications. A few of those applications are listed below.
  • 4-element beamforming microphone array without echo cancellation. Suitable for speech recognition, voice commands, Public Address systems, and high quality recording.
  • 2 channels Acoustic Echo Canceller with beamforming microphone array. Suitable for high quality conferencing appliances and hands-free communication devices with multiple microphones.
  • 2 channels Acoustic Echo Canceller, each having its own separate analog reference. Suitable for multi-party conferencing and server-side AEC processing.
  • 2 channels combined Line/Network Echo Canceller and Acoustic Echo Canceller, each having its own separate analog reference. Suitable for use with devices supporting multiple simultaneous calls.
  • Active Noise and Vibration Control with up to 3 control sensors and 2 control actuators.
  • 2 channels Adaptive Interference Canceller. Suitable for use in communication devices in noisy acoustic environments.