Digital Presentation Matrix Switch [DPMS]

DPMS is a software package that includes all audio signal processing algorithms needed in matrix switching and presentation applications. In such applications many audio inputs from different sources need to be mixed, processed, and sent to many different outputs. Audio input sources may be coming from microphones, CD/DVD players, digital audio from HDMI, analog audio from Analog to Digital converters, or digital audio from a network connection. In many situations, several mixing buses are needed, each with its own audio processing algorithms, and each providing a dedicated audio output.

Audio Algorithms for DPMS

Audio signal processing algorithms on each mixing bus may include
  • High Pass Filtering to block DC components from microphones
  • Noise Reduction, to reduce background noise from each audio source
  • Manual or automatic volume control
  • Mute control of each input and each output
  • Voice Activity Detector on each microphone
  • Automatic Mixing of microphone signals
  • Manual input channel mixing and selection
  • audio delay on each input to synchronize audio with video
  • Graphic, parametric, or bass/treble equalizers
  • Ducking function for instance to reduce the music volume when there is a voice announcement in one of the microphones
  • Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
  • Compressor and Limiter on each audio output
  • Audio Balance Control
  • Many other algorithms as required by the application architecture