Company Overview

DSP Algorithms is a small privately owned technology company that has been launched in 2001 with the main objective of delivering high quality digital signal processing products and services at the lowest possible price. The high quality label stems from the high standards we impose on our work as well as the education and experience level of our people. The low price feature is a direct consequence of being a small company with low management overhead and high flexibility.

To achieve our objective, we continuously invest in research and development, are willing to explore new markets, and dare to step into areas that have been previously reserved only for companies with large resources. This resulted in introducing several products with unmatched performance/price ratio in a relatively short time and put DSP Algorithms in a lead position in several fields including noise and vibration control, acoustic noise and echo cancellers, adaptive filtering, and audio signal processing.

Company Activities

At DSP Algorithms we divide our work in two main directions.

  • product Development: We aim to developing reusable software and hardware modules that are affordable, efficient, flexible, and easy to integrate into customers' products.

  • Consultancy Services: Customers have direct access to our in-house knowledge and experience through this consultancy services based on fixed price projects or pre-defined hourly rate. Since its foundation, DSP Algorithms has carried out many consultancy projects for large multinationals as well as small companies in Belgium, The Netherlands, The UK, and The USA. Those consultancy projects usually lead to close cooperation, and as a result, many of our customers consider DSP Algorithms as a part of their own research and development department.

Primary Areas of Expertise

The technical staff at DSP Algorithms are highly qualified engineers who earned their degrees in electrical engineering or software engineering and have a long industrial experience in the following fields.
  • Audio, speech, and acoustics signal processing
  • Acoustic simulations and modelling
  • Active noise and vibration control
  • Adaptive filters algorithms and applications
  • Speech enhancement, echo cancellation, and noise reduction
  • Microphone arrays and beamforming
  • Audio signal processing and audio effects
  • Algorithm development
  • Assembly optimization
  • Digital control systems
  • Adaptive multichannel room/car equalization
  • Spatialization and 3D audio
  • Many more, please contact us to see how we can help with your project at hand