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Designed to target the installed and professional audio markets, the OCEAN-ADSP21489-1214PA is equipped with only premium quality components and provides the pristine sonic flow expected in such markets. With 12 analog input channels, and 14 analog output channels, the OCEAN-ADSP21489-1214PA is capable of managing the most demanding applications, from board room video conferencing to classrooms and auditoriums. The OCEAN-ADSP21489-1214PA analog inputs include 4 line inputs and 8 microphone inputs with premium quality THAT microphone amplifiers and 48 volt phantom power. The 32-bit AK555x analog to digital converters and the 32-bit AKM445x digital to analog converters complete the pristine audio path.


Each OCEAN-ADSP21489-1214PA unit is delivered completely assembled, tested, and ready to use. The installed firmware performs almost every thing an installed audio application might need, from mixing and equalizing to acoustic echo and feedback cancellation. All audio processing is performed in full band at 48 kHz sample rate. The web control interface or local Graphical User Interface can be used to enable or disable any algorithm and set or retrieve the algorithms parameters. Plotting the adaptive filter coefficients of each of the 8 acoustic echo cancellers, adaptive beamformer, and adaptive acoustic feedback canceller is also included in the web interface.

OCEAN-ADSP21489-1214PA Specifications

Dimensions265mm x 115mm
Audio Processor Analog Devices SHARC ADSP21489
Analog Inputs12 balanced analog input channels brought out to 3.8mm terminal blocks, +24dBu maximum.
Analog Outputs14 balanced analog output channels brought out to 3.8mm terminal blocks, +24dBu maximum
Analog to Digital Converter AK5558 + AK5554, 32-bit, 768 kHz sampling rate, 115 dB dynamic range and 106 dB S/(N+D) .
Digital to Analog Converter AK4458VN + AK4456VN, 32-bit, 768 kHz sampling rate, 115 dB dynamic range and 107 dB S/(N+D).
Microphones preamplifiers THAT_1583 + THAT_5263, 0 dB to 51 dB in 3 dB Steps, -128.3 dBu equivalent input noise (EIN) at 51 dB gain.
Microphones phantom power8x +48 volt, each can be enabled or disabled individually.
MicroprocessorQuad core ARM Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz, 512 MBytes RAM, 100M Ethernet, USB 2.0, HDMI.
User InterfaceWeb-based + local Graphical User Interface + 16 LEDs front panel for microphones (8 audio present LEDs + 8 audio clipping LEDs).