ASPT Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Q. What is the difference between the Education (Academic) Version and the Industrial Version?

    A. The two versions are identical, except for the discounted price of the education version. With this discounted Academic Licenses, we hope to encourage educational institute to integrate ASPT in their education and research activities.

  • Q. Who can purchase the Education (Academic) Version?

    A. If you are a teacher, an employee of an education institute, graduate student, or a class instructor, then you can order the Education Version. Be prepared to provide a statement from your school indicating your affiliation. The Academic License is restricted to the use in education and research purposes within the campus but not for any other purposes, including commercial purposes.

  • Q. Why is the Student Version so cheap, is it limited in any way?

    A. The student version is identical to the education and industrial versions, except that there is a limit on the number of coefficients that can be used for the adaptive filters. For instance, FIR filters are limited to 256 coefficients.

  • Q. What other toolboxes do I need to run ASPT?

    A. You do not need any other toolboxes to run ASPT. ASPT uses only basic linear algebra routines and is therefore independent of other toolboxes. All needed functionalities are internally implemented.

  • Q. Is ASPT related to any other product?

    A. ASPT has been developed independently through the years. It is not related to any other third party products.

  • Q. How does ASPT compare to other available toolboxes/libraries on the market?

    A. ASPT is currently the only comprehensive library commercially available exclusively devoted to adaptive filters. There are, however, several filter design packages available for Matlab from several independent vendors that include a few adaptive filters algorithms. Most such packages are built on top of the signal processing toolbox, so you will also need to purchase the signal processing toolbox to be able to use the filter design package. ASPT does not use any functionality from any other toolbox.

  • Q. I purchased the Source Code Version, can I modify the functions to suit my needs?

    A. Yes, within the restrictions indicated in the Software License Agreement. We recommend that you copy the function you want to modify to another file and modify its name. Then edit your new function and copy the result to the main ASPT directory to use it regularly. For example, if you are developing a new normalization technique for the LMS algorithm, and you want to start working from where NLMS left, rename the file asptnlms.m to asptxlms.m and edit it to reflect your new algorithm. then copy asptxlms.m to the main installation directory of ASPT.

  • Q. Can I port a part of ASPT to run on a certain DSP platform?

    A. DSP ALGORITHMS offers implementations of ASPT that run on several DSP platforms. You can port ASPT functions (within restrictions) if the DSP in question is not supported by DSP ALGORITHMS. Before doing so, please carefully read and understand the ASPT software license agreement. If the license agreement allows, you can purchase ASPT source code and port the part you need yourself or you can make use of our experts to do the job for you based on a consultancy services agreement. See also the next question for more information.

  • Q. I have purchased the source code of ASPT, can I just compile some ASPT functions into my application?

    A. You can do that for internal use only. If you intend to distribute this applications outside your organization, whether the application will run inside Matlab or as a stand-alone application, and regardless your distribution is for a fee or free of charge, you must obtain a written permission from DSP ALGORITHMS for each application BEFORE distributing. This permission might be denied if the application you will distribute will harm the position of DSP ALGORITHMS' products in the market (for instance you will be denied the permission to compile the toolbox in part or in whole and sell it as a software library while DSP ALGORITHMS is offering or planning to offer such library in the market place, but there will be no restrictions if you will use ASPT functions to develop a channel equalizer for your telecommunication system). If this is not the case for your application, the permission will not be denied but royalties might be due. The above restriction does not apply to your own code that you derived from ASPT routines.
    Before distributing any applications that has ASPT code directly compiled into the application code you must consult ASPT software license agreement and please contact us for more information.

  • Q. I have a technical question regarding one of the algorithms (applications) included in ASPT, can you help me with my question?

    A. Yes, please use the web contact form.

  • Q. I purchased a single ASPT license but I want to use it on my desktop and laptop, can I install it and use it on both?

    A. This is allowed as long as the number of users simultaneously using ASPT does not exceed the number of licenses you have purchased. Make sure to mention that to the support team and they will guide you through the installation.

  • Q. I have a problem with the license, whom should I contact?

    A. Please use the web contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Q. I want to transfer my license to another person/computer/company, how can I do that?

    A. If the license you purchase allows that, please email us your license information and the details of the person/computer/company to whom/which you want to transfer the license. Please use the web contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Q. Will I be entitled to receive technical support if I purchase an ASPT license?

    A. The ASPT license provides you with a free-of-charge initial software Maintenance Service period of six months. During this period you will receive new releases, workarounds to resolve any programming errors, as well as technical support by email. After this initial Maintenance period has expired, you can purchase new Maintenance Service periods.

  • Q. I do not have Matlab, but I still want to use ASPT for developing adaptive filters applications and algorithms, what are my options?

    A. ASPT is available in many other forms.
    • An ASPT version for Scilab (a free of charge software package with Matlab-like syntax) will soon be available. Scilab comes with many toolboxes including a signal processing toolbox, all free of charge. See for more information on Scilab.
    • ASPT is also available as C/C++ and Java library distributed in binary as well as source code.
    • Most algorithms are available in object and source codes for embedded and DSP platforms.

  • Q. I am using another development environment for which ASPT is currently not available, can you provide an ASPT version that will work with my software package?

    A. We will be glad to look at this option, please use the web contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Q. I developed a software (wrote a book) that uses adaptive filters extensively and I think my users (readers) will benefit from ASPT. Is it possible to distribute ASPT with my software (book)?

    A. In most cases, this will be welcomed. We encourage this kind of cooperation. Please use the web contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Q. I am a distributor/reseller of similar (scientific) software packages, can I also resell and distribute ASPT?

    A. Certainly you can, we are looking for distributors allover the world. Please use the web contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Q. I am developing an application that needs adaptive filters expertise which I do not have, can you help me with my application?

    A. We provide our expertise in digital signal processing in general and adaptive filtering in particular as consultancy services. From this point of view, we will be glad to help you with your project under a consultancy services contract.

  • Q. I have developed a software/hardware/firmware product and I would like to offer ASPT to my customers with my product. Is it possible to bundle ASPT with my product?

    A. In most cases this will be welcomed. Please use the web contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Q. I need only one algorithm (a few algorithms), can I purchase only what I need?

    A. If you are using adaptive filters regularly in your work, it is much cheaper and more efficient to purchase the whole toolbox, since sooner or later you will need other algorithms and you probably will need to compare the performance of different algorithms in a specific application. If you are doing a one-time project and you think (wish) you will never use those kind of things again, then it is possible to buy only what you need.

  • Q. I need an adaptive algorithm that is not included in the current release of ASPT, can you provide me with this algorithm?

    A. ASPT is regularly updated with new algorithms and applications, and it is possible that the algorithm you need is planned for the next release. In any case, Please use the web contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. This is the fastest way to check the status of your algorithm and to insert it in the queue if it is not planned at all. There is no guarantee, however, on when or whether this specific algorithm will be released.

  • Q. I developed a new adaptive algorithm (application) and would like to make it available to ASPT users, is it possible to distribute my stuff with ASPT?

    A. If you want to make your software available free of charge we will be glad to add your contributions to be downloaded from our web site. If you want to offer your software for a fee, please contact contact us to discuss the available options.