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DSP ALGORITHMS provides reliable, proven, award winning signal processing solutions suitable for many audio and speech applications including conferencing, hands-free communication, speech recognition, speech enhancement, and sound reinforcement.

Besides the ready to license solutions we also offer consultancy and design services from algorithm development to assembly optimization, and every thing in between. We specialize in audio, speech and acoustics signal processing, adaptive filtering, speech enhancement, echo cancellation, active noise and vibration control, and much more.

When it comes to licensing our proven solution, we provide free of charge customization, optimization, and advice on system architecture and processor selection. Free of charge technical and integrating support is always included with each Software Development Kit. Those services are much appreciated by our customers all over the world and result in releasing the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

Our award winning CANEC all-in-one solution includes all audio signal processing algorithms a conference appliance may need, from high quality acoustic echo cancellation to equalizers and filter, and from a beamforming microphone array to noise reduction algorithms. However, in many applications not all those algorithms are required or necessary, and we understand this thoroughly. For this reason we also offer each algorithm separately. For instance a robot will focus carefully to user instructions with the beamforming microphone array only. A voice controlled music player, however, would need the acoustic echo canceller besides the beamformer so it can also hear and recognize reliably the user's "STOP MUSIC" instruction while the music is playing loud. All our algorithms can be used either separately or combined in a library of algorithms that works efficiently together.

For many years we have been providing great software solutions while relying on off-the-shelf development platform for demonstration purposes and accepting the hardware limitations. With the release of the OCEAN hardware platform, we can finally show off the true performance and value of our algorithms. Not only that, the OCEAN hardware is designed to be an OEM module, ready to be embedded in a final product, reducing time to market, risk, and cost. The OCEAN-ADSP214xx is oriented towards high end applications and provides best quality conference appliance today. It comes out of the box running 6 channels acoustic echo canceller (each has echo tail length of 250 ms), beamforming microphone array, noise reduction, automatic gain controller, and much more, all running at 48kHz sampling rate. The OCEAN-BF592 is oriented toward consumer products and can run 4 element beamforming adaptive microphone array, or dual microphone echo canceller with beamforming.

Not only do we offer real-time ready to license algorithms, but we also provide several design tools such as The Adaptive Signal Processing Toolbox (ASPT). This toolbox gives the engineer with sufficient experience the right tools to quickly build many complex adaptive signal processing applications without worrying about the implementation of the underlying basic adaptive algorithms. ASPT comes with more than 50 different FIR, IIR, Lattice, linear, nonlinear, time domain, and frequency domain adaptive algorithms. All ASPT algorithms are implemented and tested in Matlab as well as in C.

Shortly, we have a lot to offer, some we displayed on this web site, and much more we didn't yet. Please take your time to examine our displayed solutions and if you don't find what you need, or have any questions, we very much appreciate if you take the time to Contact Us.

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